page_01Verona Research Verona Surfaces utilizes high tech machinery such as numeric control (cm) Laser cutting and our advanced metering system. We are able to perform the most complicated measurements and what before would have meant much time and effort is now done in minutes.
The information is sent via blutooth to the computer creating the digital template. In addition, the digital program that we have implemented goes even further by sending the design via email to the factory and then the machines directly receive the InformatIom thus the process begins automatically without passing other hands. This saves time and manipulation, becoming a noticeable increase in the quality of service, precision and fast delivery to benefit our clients.


Verona can personalize any image to create a unique ambiance with no limits, just your imagination. Verona offers distinct customizing of any surface to an unthinkable personalization by the latest technology on stone digital printing by Verona.